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    General Handouts
    284-051    Accessory Structure Requirements 
    AQMD 1403    AQMD Notification of Demolition or Asbestos Removal Form 
    284-203    Building Design Data (Wind, Seismic, and Snow)
    284-060     Construction Without Permit (CWP)  
    284-402   Deferred Submittals and Plan Revisions Form
    284-161    Electric Service to Well Guidelines (OTC) 
    AQMD 1403   Instructions for Notification of Demolition or Asbestos Removal Form
        Lead Paint Information 
    284-267   Owner Alternative Wall Inspection
    284-071    Requesting Copies of Building Department Plans 
    284-037   Residential Fire Sprinkler Requirements
    284-082    RV Park Plan Requirements 
    284-028   Structural Observation Report Form
        TCO Instructions
    284-073   Temporary Event Handout
    284-227    Under-Slab Natural Gas Detail  
    284-160   User Guide For Permit and Inspection Requirements Related to Demolition
    284-068   Water Heater Strapping Detail 
    284-094   Work Exempt From Permit
    284-239   Foundation Design Verification Certificate
    284-160   Demolition  
    284-263   Patio Cover Alumawood Guidelines (OTC)
    284-264   Residential Generator Guidelines (OTC)
    Residential Handouts
    284-006    Barbeque Inspection Guidelines
    284-049    Certification of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and water efficient plumbing fixtures 
    284-226   Clothes Dryer Duct Termination 
    284-159   Fire Hazard Zone Requirement
    284-016   Inspection Guidelines for Single Family Residential Construction 
    284-048    Installation of water-conserving plumbing fixtures 
    284-169   Residential Electrical Meter Re-Set
    284-074    Residential Electrical Service Upgrade 
    284-400   Residential Electrical Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) 
        Master application for expedited electrical charging station
    284-179   Residential Plan Submittal Requirements
    284-053   Room Addition Plan Requirements 
    Commercial – Industrial Handouts 
    284-031    Accessible Ramp Requirements 
    284-015    Certificate of Occupancy Permit Policy
    284-105    Certificate of Occupancy Requirements 
    284-104    Certificate of Occupancy Tenant Improvement Guidelines 
    284-014   Commercial Building Scenarios
    284-401   Commercial Electrical Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE)
    284-225   Commercial Grease Hood and Exhaust System
    284-142   Commercial Plan Requirements
    284-023   Disabled Access Parking
    284-030    Disabled Access Parking Requirements
    284-224   Lock out Tag out
    284-103    Non-Construction Disclosure Notice of Intent
    284-089   Submittal Requirements and Guidelines for EV Charge Station
    284-070   Tenant Improvement Disclosures
    284-113   Tenant Improvement Plan Requirements
        Unreasonable Hardship Application
    Tract Handouts 
    284-162   Application for Temporary Utility Use (Tracts Only)
        Digital Submittals
    284-040   Model Home Complex
    284-195   Model Complex Closures
    284-187E    Precise Tract Grading Worksheet 
    284-187B    Residential Apartment and Condo Worksheet 
    284-187    Residential Tract Worksheet
    284-187D    Residential Tract Production Wall Worksheet 
    284-194    Resubmittal of Tract Wall Plan Checklist 
    284-191    Resubmittal Tract Plan Checklist 
        SODV Detail Sheet
        Soil Conditions By Lot
        Soil Conditions By Lot (Additional Sheets) 
        Subdivision Process Handout Booklet
    284-167   Temporary Generator Requirements
    284-268   Residential Tract Block Wall Inspection
    284-192    Tract Plan Building Permits Checklist 
    284-190   Tract Plan Checklist
    284-187C    Tract Standard Plan Worksheet 
    284-193   Tract Wall Plan Checklist
    Manufactured Home Handouts 
    284-17A   Low Profile Manufactured Home Installation
    284-017   Manufactured Home Installation Guide
    284-087   Manufactured Home Permit Requirements
        Manufactured, Mobile Home & Commercial Modular Ignition Resistant Construction
    HCD 433A   Notice of Manufactured Home, Commercial Modular Installation on a foundation system
    Pool Handouts
    284-011    Equipotential Bonding Grid For Pools, Spa & Decks  
    284-004A    Pool Final Inspection Only 
    284-003    Swimming Pool Requirements 
    284-004   Swimming Pool, Spa & Hot Tub Barrier Requirements and Barrier Agreement Letter
    Agricultural Handouts
        Agricultural Exemption
    284-299    Agricultural Grading / Clearing Certificate 
    284-299A     Agricultural Grading / Clearing Verification Certificate 
    284-056   Agricultural Registration Certificate Requirements
    County Standard Plans
    Form Number    Form Name                                                                                                                                                         
    284-170    Carport Plans
    284-256    County Standard - Block Wall atop Retaining Wall 
    284-257    Free Standing Block Wall (Garden Wall)
    284-262    Masonry Pilaster  
    284-258   Residential Balcony & Deck
    284-255   Retaining Wall
    284-260   Solid - Lattice Patio Cover